Our mission is to make gift giving fun, easy and unique for every occasion. We want to satisfy your crave to give and make our little corner of the world a place where smiles are contagious.

Welcome to The Crave: Gourmet Gifts, Corporate Gifts, and More...

Think about why you give someone a gift. To affirm a friendship? Perhaps to celebrate a new beginning, thank a colleague, honor family, or connect with a loved one. A special present is also a way to commend success, mark one of life’s milestones and offer encouragement—or maybe you just crave to give.

We offer a unique and wide-ranging collection of thoughtful gifts and tasty treats for every occasion and everyone on your list. Whether you’re looking for something special for a close friend or family member, or you need a corporate gift, The Crave has you covered. We select only quality products that have been taste-tested for your satisfaction. Browse around our store and you’ll find an unparalleled selection of gourmet goodies. Need help? Give us a call—we’re all about the crave of giving.

Inside you will find a selection of extra virgin California olive oils bursting with natural flavor and healthy antioxidants from gourmet suppliers such as: Lucero Olive Oil, O Olive Oil, among others. Compliment your olive oil purchase with a selection of balsamic vinegars invigorating with bursts of flavor and melt-in-your-mouth gourmet chocolates. We stock quality hand-crafted teas, tea accessories, and tea gifts from Tea Forte including the award-winning Blueberry Merlot; voted best herbal tea in North America and Cherry Marzipan; declared "dessert in a mug" by Dr. Oz.

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